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Whether you have a mortgage you purchased after October 2004, whether your mortgage runs passed your retirement age, whether you remortgaged to clear unsecured debts, whether you were in arrears before or after your mortgage start date THEN YOU MAY HAVE BEEN A VICTIM OF MORTAGE MIS-SELLING

Mis-selling of mortgages is the next financial mis-selling scandal.
It is accepted that it will dwarf the PPI scandal.
The mis-selling may have occurred because the mortgage broker steered a client to purchase a specific mortgage in order to obtain higher fees, and ultimately the client could not realistically afford repayments.

Misrepresentation and professional negligence is recognised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a widespread problem, so were you given the right advice?
Recently a spokesman for the FCA said, “We found some lenders offering mortgages they knew would be unaffordable and accepted self cert business even when they had concerns that the financial information provided by the customer was implausible. These practices are completely inconsistent with treating customers fairly”.

Qualifying criteria for a mis-sold mortgage;

  • Your mortgage was arranged after 31st October 2004
  • Your mortgage was an interest only mortgage
  • Your mortgage runs past your retirement age
  • You re-mortgaged for Debt consolidation purposes
  • You acquired your mortgage through a sub prime mortgage lender
  • You made a self certification mortgage application
  • You had adverse credit when you acquired your mortgage
  • Your affordability was not considered when you made your application
  • You are now in negative equity
  • You were advised to switch to another lender
  • You were a council house tenant when you made your mortgage application
  • You have had your property repossessed
  • You are currently in arrears with your payments

How can we help?
We use Slater Hayward Law who will appraise your case and if they feel you have grounds for a claim they will pursue the case on your behalf.

The Lender and /or broker has a duty of care towards you and if they have mis-sold the mortgage then they may well have to pay you damages. Slater Hayward Law will carry out a comprehensive and forensic investigation into the entire mortgage and leave no stone unturned. We investigate the agreement from start to finish and include all 3rd parties involved in any contentious, professional negligence, mis-selling complaints. SHL service is confidential, their team of advisors will help you to understand the issues.

If you answered yes to any of the questions above call Slater Hayward Law today to discuss your case.

We are available Monday – Thursday 9am-6pm and Friday 9am-5pm on freephone 0800 772 0065. Alternatively fill out the claim form on this page and a member of team can call you back at a time to suit you.

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