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Solicitors and injury compensation claims

injury compensation claimsAt first the prospect of making injury compensation claims may seem a daunting one.

Making injury compensation claims against large organisations

Most people have little idea of how the legal system works and injury compensation claims can see people going up against large companies or public bodies, so it may seem like something of a David v Goliath situation.

However, these things need not be a problem if the right solicitor is appointed to handle injury compensation claims.

One man who found this out was Robert Pattison, a retired policeman who became one of the many people who make injury compensation claims every year.

He injured his knee when a bus he was travelling on pulled away and he had to grab on to a rail to keep his balance, this kind of accident sparks a significant number of injury compensation claims.

Injury compensation claims when liability is disputed

As with many injury compensation claims, the bus company, Nottingham City Transport, denied liability and the case was set to go to court before a settlement was reached.

He was initially offered £3,000, but his solicitors managed to negotiate this up to £4,000 and the majority of his costs, underlining the importance of having the right representation when it comes to injury compensation claims.

In a lot of injury compensation claims cases, the issue of liability is hotly contested and the settlement reflected the fact that NCT denied responsibility, while Mr Pattison stated he only accepted the money because he was unwell and would have battled on in other circumstances.

Dealing with lengthy injury compensation claims

However, some injury compensation claims that go to court can take a long time to settle, as former Scout Mark Banes discovered.

He suffered a shoulder injury while playing a game called “grab” when the incident took place. Although injuries in games don’t usually lead to injury compensation claims if they are properly supervised, in this case the fact that the activity was taking place in the dark sparked the case.

Having instructed a solicitor who specialises in injury compensation claims, Mr Banes was initially awarded more than £7,000 in compensation.

However, the decision was appealed, not something that happens in all injury compensation claims, and because of this it took almost ten years between the time of the accident and the Court of Appeal’s final ruling that he was entitled to the money.

So when it comes to injury compensation claims, it’s clear that appointing the right solicitor is vital.

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