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Nurse wins back injury compensation claim

back injury compensationIn recent years there has been something of a backlash against things like back injury compensation with people citing the payouts as examples of a rampant health and safety culture.

Back injury compensation is deserved

Many people argue that such seemingly small incidents don’t merit any sort of payout, despite the fact that cases where back injury compensation is awarded constantly demonstrate that people who hurt themselves in this manner can face huge changes to their lives.

For most people who lead normal, active lives a bad back is nothing more than an annoyance, perhaps an ache after sitting down for long periods. But for people who have to claim back injury compensation, the issue can be very serious and often they have to change the way they live.

Back injury compensation can make up for lost earnings

Indeed, in many cases people who submit claims for back injury insurance do so because they have had to give up work, either permanently or for a significant period of time.

Although back injury compensation can do nothing to help with the pain and inconvenience which someone may be suffering, it can help make up for loss of earnings.

That exactly what happened in the case of Linda Andrew, who made a back injury compensation claim after she hurt herself while working.

Nurse claims back injury compensation

The eight-stone nurse had to lift the leg of a 22-stone man while treating him and it was this that caused the injury which led to the back injury compensation claim.

The High Court heard that the man’s leg weighed three stone by itself, and when Ms Andrew tried to move it, it aggravated dormant back problems and, despite trying to work on for two years, she eventually gave up and ultimately launched a back injury compensation claim.
She revealed that following the incident she had been unable to drive long distances, walk her dog or work in the garden, and the loss of quality of life would have likely been considered when the back injury compensation was awarded.

Ultimately, Judge O’Brien decided that she was entitled to £107,246 in back injury compensation and criticised Surrey Primary Care Trust, the organisation the claim was brought against, for displaying a “great lack of sympathy in the case”.

Speaking after the back injury compensation award, Mrs Andew said that she felt “revealed and vindicated”.

Anyone who feels they have a case for back injury compensation should contact a specialist solicitor who will be able to advise them on their claim.

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