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Man wins brain injury compensation claim

brain injury compensationBrain injury compensation claims can be some of the most tragic cases solicitors have to deal with as they often involve people who have been involved in a life changing accident.

The importance of brain injury compensation

Those involved in the most severe of such cases will require 24-hour care for the rest of their life and the size of brain injury compensation payments reflects this.

Unfortunately, in some cases brain injury compensation claims stem from complications at the moment of birth and it is left to the family of the victim to seek recompense on behalf of their child.

Avoid delays in brain injury compensation

Take the case of Ian Murphy, which was reported by the Oxford Mail, who suffers from cerebral palsy because of an incident when he was born. He has recently been awarded £5.7 million in brain injury compensation.

Mr Murphy, who is now 33, needs help with his daily life, socialising and communication and the size of the brain injury compensation award reflects the severity of his disability.

Looking at this case, anyone thinking about making a brain injury compensation claim may be put off by the length of time taken for the case to be settled, but in fact this incident should highlight the importance of seeking proper legal advice.

Speeding up brain injury compensation claims

The reason it took so long for the parents to bring a claim for brain injury compensation on behalf of their son is that they did not realise he was eligible for a payout.

It was only when they enquired about accommodation for their son for when they are no longer able to care for him that the prospect of brain injury compensation was raised.

Had they sought legal advice 33 years ago when their son was first born, then their claim for brain injury compensation would have probably been concluded much more swiftly.

The brain injury compensation will be partly paid as a lump sum, with the rest of it spread over the rest of Mr Murphy’s life in the form of annual payments.

In this case, the claim for brain injury compensation was handled by the South Central Strategic Health Authority on behalf of Oxford’s John Radcliffe hospital, where Mr Murphy was born.

Anyone who feels they or a loved one has a claim for brain injury compensation should contact an expert solicitor who will be able to help them with their case.

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