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Industrial injury compensation claims and the workforce

Industrial injury compensationIndustrial injury compensation is one of the most serious issues facing the modern workplace, and although health and safety is now paramount across the UK avoidable accidents still happen.

Given the horrific nature of some of the incidents that occur, it’s no surprise that industrial injury compensation can reach massive sums, and just a quick look at some case studies will tell you just how seriously hurt people can be.

Industrial injury compensation is a very serious matter

Some people who end up making industrial injury compensation claims will have lost a limb, or have been so badly hurt they are will be unable to work again for the rest of their life.

Worst case scenario for industrial injury compensation claims

In the worst case scenario, a bereaved family will be left to make an industrial injury compensation claim after their loved one has been killed in an accident at work.

One tragic case in which a family may have been able to claim industrial injury compensation involved Clive Hall, a 50-year-old man who died when the machine he was working on was activated while he was still inside it.

Although it is not known if any claim for industrial injury compensation has been made, the Health and Safety Executive has pursued a successful prosecution against Glossop Carton and Print, the company Mr Hall had worked for.

As with so many cases that lead to industrial injury compensation claims, the HSE investigation found that the incident, which involved a “cut and crease” machine, could have been easily avoided if simple safeguards had been put in place.

According to the organisation, the company should have ensured that it was not possible to turn the machine on while someone was inside working on it, and the circumstances of the incident will no doubt be taken into account should the family seek industrial injury compensation.

The firm pleaded guilty to breaching sections 2(1) and 3(1) of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 at Chesterfield Magistrates, and Birmingham Crown Court fined it £50,000 and ordered £76,150 costs to be paid, although these sums are separate from any industrial injury compensation claim that may be made.

How to start an industrial injury compensation claim

Of course, those involved in less serious incidents can also launch industrial injury compensation claims and anyone who feels they have a claim should contact an expert solicitor who will be able to help them with the matter.

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