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Head injury compensation claim after swimming pool accident

head injury compensationAlmost everyone knows how serious head injuries can be, even the slightest knock can lead to a night in hospital as doctors look to make sure no unwanted complications arise, it is no surprise therefore that head injury compensation payments can reach incredibly high levels.

Head injury compensation claims are a serious matter

No one wants to claim for head injury compensation of course, the very fact someone is bringing a court case probably means they have suffered life-changing injuries.

In fact, in some cases the individual in question is so badly hurt that someone has to bring a head injury compensation claim on their behalf.
It is these sorts of cases that see the largest head injury compensation payments being made, as they often reflect the fact that the person in question will need to be cared for over the rest of their life.

Head injury compensation claim follows swimming pool accident

One such case involves Kylie Grimes who launched a head injury compensation claim after hurting herself while using a swimming pool.
Ms Grimes had been invited to use the pool at a friend’s house and at one point, dived in. However, she hit her head on the bottom of the pool and suffered severe injuries which would later lead her to make a head injury compensation claim.

Aside from the head injuries, she also suffered a broken vertebra in her neck which left her paralysed from the chest down and papers put before the High Court indicate she is seeking head injury compensation of between £4 and £6 million.

According to the head injury compensation claim, there should have been warning signs around the pool as these would have helped prevent the accident.

Head injury compensation claim pursued against NHS as well

The head injury compensation claim is also seeking damages against the NHS Trust which treated Ms Grimes after the incident, claiming the level of care that she received was inadequate.

A statement on a website set up to raise funds for Miss Grimes’ rehabilitation revealed why the head injury compensation claim is so large: “It became very clear early on that my needs would be extensive and ongoing for the rest of my life, if I was going to be able to have as much independence as possible/have a good quality of life and achieve the goals I have set myself.”

Anyone who feels they or someone they know has a claim for head injury compensation should contact a specialist solicitor who will be able to offer them expert legal advice on the issue.

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