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When most motorists are involved in a crash, they probably think about the damage done to their vehicle, but while they are dealing with repairs and other issues, they shouldn’t forget they could also be eligible to claim car accident injury compensation.

Of course, as anyone who has ever been involved in such an incident will know, a lot depends on the issue of liability and you can only claim car accident injury compensation if you were not responsible for the crash.

How to tell who is liable in car accident injury compensation cases

If you are driving a vehicle that has been in collision with another car, this means that the other driver would have had to been at fault for you to claim car accident injury compensation and for this reason, gathering information about the incident is vital.

Most people swap insurance details after even the most minor of incidents as a matter of course, but if an individual feels they may be entitled to claim car accident injury compensation then they should also get information from any witnesses and photograph the scene of the incident if they can.

This can then be used to help the victim make a car accident injury compensation claim as it will help settle the issue of liability.

Claiming car accident injury compensation in difficult circumstances

However, in some cases matters may be more complicated – the other driver may leave the scene, have no insurance or could even have been in a stolen car. In these cases it is still possible to claim car accident injury compensation, although it is imperative that the police are contacted immediately if these circumstances arise.

You can claim car accident injury compensation too

Of course, it’s not just drivers who are able to claim car accident injury compensation – anyone who has been involved in a crash that wasn’t their fault can seek damages.

A passenger in a vehicle, for example, may end up making a car accident injury compensation claim against either the driver of the vehicle they were travelling in, or a third party. In some cases they may be able to take action against both.

Pedestrians can also claim car accident injury compensation if they are hit by a vehicle, while cyclists and motorcyclists are also able to take action if they are involved in an incident that wasn’t their fault.
Anyone who feels they may have a claim for car accident injury compensation should contact an expert solicitor who will be able to give them the right advice.

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